A.I. for detecting fever and

The world's first symptom checker using AI and fast notification to help people fight against COVID-19.

The first commercially available and running in a hospital in Brazil.


FEVVER, how it works

3 simple steps to help contain COVID-19

1.Detects Fever

FEVVER uses AI, advanced facial and thermographic analysis techniques to detect fever with high-precision.

2. Generates Notification

Photo notification of the feverish person is generated by alerting the team immediately.

3. One Click Status

FEVVER One-Click Status let the team updates the status as soon as the feverish person has been contacted.


Start now the smart screening with FEVVER

The first running in a Brazilian hospital

FEVVER is the only precision solution developed and fully functioning in a Brazilian hospital

  • Human operator is not necessary.
  • No human error in handling thermometers.
  • Designed for hospitals, industries, companies, airports and maritime platforms.
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people impacted

per year/unit



for analyzing more than 68 points and give a precise temperature



in operation

The Brazilian first fever detector without human operator and with mobile notification

When detecting a feverish person, FEVVER sends smart notification to the responsive team.

  • Detects fever methodically
  • Smart notification let the team free to do what they need to do: take care of people.

"This man has a fever!"
That simple.

FEVVER one-click status feature allows the staff to update the feverish person status with only one click - a powerful tool in chaotic environments.

  • Facial recognition makes people tracking quicker
  • Optimized and fast follow-up routines

Why FEVVER is the only solution running in the Brazilian healthcare market

FEVVER is the first to be marketed in the Brazilian health market, because we are obsessed about precision and healthcare product design.

1. It really works

Most of the thermographic analysis technologies perform rudimentary analyzes over skin points, which often do not represent the people precise body temperature. FEVVER uses AI and a facial scanning to deliver the high precision the healthcare market demand.

2. Extremely user and partner centric

FEVVER is not only a combination of great technologies to detect fever, but a solution which considers the entire user journey, a fast notification system for helping staff routine, and an easy integration platform for the client gets rid of proprietary and limited SDKs.

3. Pricing

Setup fee and monthly package of screenings. A pricing matrix allows us to adjust the price according to the customer size and market.

4. Easy deployment

Radsquare and HOOBOX rely on a wide network of partners all over Brazil enabling fast implementation and support.

5. Quality

The FEVVER joint venture team is committed to deliver quality solutions in the health area.
The FEVVER research project has been already approved by the ethics committee and it will be conducted soon. During the development stage, several tests were carried out in the Emergency Room of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, ensuring the solution's assertiveness. FEVVER have been counting with the support of the medical team, the patient quality and safety team, and the hospital's innovation team of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein.

6. Investment for now and later

Radsquare and HOBOOX offer facial recognition, emotion recognition, liveness detection, fatigue, agitation, sleep and other human behavior monitoring services. FEVVER kiosk is the only kiosk solution on the market that after COVID-19 will be compatible with these other services offered.

Know who is behind FEVVER

FEVVER is developed by the joint venture of two AI startups


HOOBOX develops high-precision facial recognition technology for monitoring human behaviors in healthcare, transportation, education, retail and security. The company has built successful business partnerships with companies like Intel, Samsung, Johnson & Johnson.



RadSquare is a startup expert in medical procedures automation using computer vision and Artificial Intelligence. Founded in 2018, the company is the first spinoff of Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital.


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